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Who are we?

​​ is your source for high-quality, American Made, Polyurethane No-Crush Wheels! No-Crush Wheels, Zero Crush Wheels, Flex-Grip Wheels, Durasoft® Roller Alternative, Pacing Wheels, Bottle Spacer Wheels, Metering Wheels, Spider Wheels, Hold-Down Wheels - Whatever you call them, we are your single source for the highest quality polyurethane wheels!

The need we saw

​​ was founded because of hearing our customers consistently say – “we always have a need for these types of No-Crush Wheels…we just never know where to find them!” As they say, build it and they will come - ​​ was officially launched in 2023 to be your source of high-quality, molded polyurethane Zero Crush wheels.

How long have we been around?

While the ​​ brand and website are still relatively new, the company behind ​​ is far from inexperienced! ​​'s parent company, Meridian Laboratory has been a manufacturer of high-quality, molded polyurethane products since 1963.

Where are we located? and our parent company, Meridian Laboratory is located outside of Madison, WI.  With a focus and the ability to deliver high-quality, standard, and custom molded polyurethane rollers, wheels, grippers, and more - we look forward to all types of molded polyurethane challenges!

What is ML6 Polyurethane?'s polyurethane No-Crush Wheels are made exclusively with ML6 Polyurethane!  ML6 Polyurethane by Meridian Laboratory is a proprietary and superior blend of polyurethane that is unique and exclusive to Meridian Laboratory and This ensures the most durable, long-lasting, and high-quality molded polyurethane products are provided to customers worldwide.

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The best in the industry

You can trust the wheels from to be the highest quality molded polyurethane No-Crush Wheels for your use!

Have a need for other molded polyurethane rollers and products? Meridian Laboratory’s Polyurethane ML6 division has the ability to deliver molded polyurethane rollers, wheels, bearings, cam followers/track rollers, idler wheels, grippers, and more!

Interested in other molded polyurethane products? is your single source for No-Crush Wheels.  If you're looking for other molded polyurethane products, our parent company - Meridian Laboratory has been a manufacturer producing the highest quality molded polyurethane products in Madison, Wisconsin since 1963.  Meridian Laboratory offers a wide range of standard and custom-molded polyurethane solutions!

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2415 N. Pleasant View Rd.
Middleton, WI 53562
(608) 831-0300

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